Total Messaging (TM)

The Total Messaging (TM) platform enables corporations and financial institutions to connect their internal systems to different Market Infrastructure networks, such as SWIFT, FedWire, CHIPS, SIC, euroSIC, SECOM and many others. Using the platform, institutions will save time and increase operational efficiency through TM’s global functionality, advanced straight-through processing, web-based technology and advanced drill-down and query capabilities. Furthermore, TM’s seamless integration with payments and treasury systems reduces the risks and costs associated with onboarding.
Total Messaging supplies all connectors, integration and plug-ins required for conversion, compliance and reconciliation. TM is also designed to accommodate the latest formatting standards in transaction banking and hence ensures that customers’ technology investment is protected both now and in the future. The TM platform takes care of all changes made by interbank service providers.

We have helped more than 1,000 of the world’s leading financial institutions and corporations use our products to
achieve their transaction banking goals.

33 million messages are processed each month through our secure data centers across three continents

More than 700 clients use Total Messagingaround the world for example:

  • UBS in Switzerland is probably our largest TM customer processing in excess of 1 million SWIFT messages per day (Switzerland)
  • Habib Bank New York (USA)
  • Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG (Liechtenstein)
  • LGT Financial Services AG (Liechtenstein)
  • Egyptian Arab Land Bank (Jordan)
  • Jordan Kuwait Bank (Jordan)
  • Schwyzer Kantonal bank
  • Basler Kantonal bank

Total Messaging

Key Features

Connectivity & Messaging

  • Integrated dashboard giving high visibility
  • Connectivity to Interbank services such as SWIFT (FIN, FileAct, InterAct) and many others
  • Interfaced with many banking applications, ERP systems, treasury management systems, transaction filter and reconciliation packages
  • Advanced straight-through- processing
  • Support for Smart Cards and SecureID
  • Message entry, investigation, conversion, de-bulking, deluxe routing and most middleware functionality
  • Leverages the latest Web 2.0 technology
  • Supports SNL 7.2
  • Supports full swift CSP program with two factor authentication ready
  • Supports multiple business applications and different message domains in a single instance of the service
  • Enhanced application architecture allows FINASTRA to respond to future industry and customer needs
  • Built for high-end operation with increased capacity, scalability and flexibility
  • Allows FINASTRA to deliver innovative functionality and integration capabilities to our customers across traditional silos
  • 4th generation of FINASTRA SWIFT Interface Products – delivered through a phased re-engineering of IGTplus architecture
  • MT/MX message support
  • High performance which can process millions of swift messages transactions per day
  • Supports Unix and Linux platform and can be migrated to other platform easily
  • Supports Oracle and Ingres databases
  • Supports text files, Java API, webservice, MQ API adapters to connect back office system.
  • Very advanced FileAct Module
  • Supports Interact (additional Module)
  • Supports optional integrated cash management systems
  • Supports optional integrated payment HUB
  • Supports optional integrated Nostro Reconciliation system
  • MQSA adapter support (e.g. for Misys equation integration)
  • Supports MT096 FIN-copy messaging for Central Banks
  • Advanced Swift messages templates engine
  • Capability of importing data from TurboSwift and Swift Alliance databases
  • Conversion of TurboSwift, TurboArchive databases into TM/IGplus database
  • Conversion of TurboSwift templates into TM templates
  • Integrated archiving system with advanced search system
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