BFSOFT Smart Signature System

SmartSign replaces your existing signature card with an electronic equivalent providing a complete system to electronically process account mandate and image information in a secure, rapid, and accurate manner.

SmartSign can be integrated with your existing banking system with no change required in the banking application.

SmartSign handles both signatures and photos.

The Signatures, mandates instructions, and photos are displayed when the teller enters the account number or customer unique number in the core banking system to allow the teller to validate the transaction accurately and efficiently.

System Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Any number of scanned workstations can work at the same time
  • Can work with any banking application
  • Allow multi branch operations
  • Secure
  • Full audit trails maintained
  • On Line Help System Provided
  • Uses queues Technique
  • Does not allow signature printing
  • Highly sophisticated standard compression/decompression Technique

Platforms and Databases:

  • SmartSign supports any ODBC compliant RDBMS, including Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix and MS SQL Server
  • The server machine can be Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, Unix Server (IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, HP UNIX, NCR, etc), IBM AS400 or even the same machine which runs the core banking system
  • SmartSign Client runs under windows environment

Product Specification

SmartSign(SSG): has been developed using state of the art software development tools based on client server technology, to provide banking industry with smart, powerful, reliable, secured and easy to use Signature Storage and Verification System.

Platforms and Databases

SmartSign supports any ODBC compliant RDBMS, including Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix and MS SQL Server.

The server machine can be Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, Unix Server (IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, HP Unix, NCR, etc), IBM AS400 or even the same machine which runs the core banking system.

SmartSign Client runs under windows environment.


SmartSign can grow with the bank business, it allows every bank to have its own configuration according to its requirements, ranging from one scanning station and one teller to Multi-branch complex environment.

Account Hierarchy

SmartSign handles efficiently both simple and complex account’s mandates, from single signature per account to multiple signatures account like correspondent accounts.

SmartSign System holds a comprehensive tree of information, starting with account‘s mandates, then a sub level of signature groups, each group may authorize transactions up to a certain amount and has its own mandates and other details.

Each group contains members (signature owners) ranges from 1 to 999, each signature owner has its own mandates and other details, and it also can be classified into different categories by selecting a category code for each member. This arrangement allows great flexibility, and simplicity. Security

The administrator uses security administration functions to define branches, departments, groups and users, and to assign menu options to each group. There is no limit for the number of branches, departments, groups or users. Each scanning operator may have his own security mask, with any combination of add, change, stop, and delete, and complete segregation of duties between scanning station, and teller station.

System maintains two sets of tables, live and transaction tables. Live tables contains signatures and mandates which has been verified and authorized to be used by tellers, while transaction tables contains signatures and mandates not authorized yet.

After the operator scans the account signatures, he sends the account to verifier 1 queue for verification against original signature cards. Verifier 1 sends the account either to the operator for alteration or verifier 2 for second verification. Once verifier 2 approves the account signatures changes, live tables are updated and become available for teller verification.

Inactivity timeout parameter defined in the user profile determines when the system logs off the connection automatically.

In addition, audit log and signature history log are kept for every action done on the account tree.

The online log report registers the time has been taken by the teller to view the signature.

Scanning Services

SmartSign works with any Twain compliant scanner, up to 99 different forms (card sizes) can be defined and each card may has three definable scanning areas.

Each scanning area is used for signature or photo scanning, and its color must be selected either black and white, gray scale or colored.

During the scanning operation, the operator can select between different forms and different scanning areas.

Signature and photo can be captured either by direct scanning, or, transferring from a previously scanned batch.

The signature and photo get compressed upon saving using highly sophisticated compression/decompression algorithm.

Image Verification

Signatures could be viewed one by one or two by two. The user can Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll, Rotate, Invert, Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal, the same function are applied to selected area.

SmartSign supports customers, correspondents, and internal signatures.

User Interface

SmartSign is a multi-lingual system and supports English, French and Arabic languages, the user can switch between different languages easily using select language option.

SmartSign has a user friendly GUI interface, windows, popup, drop down windows and multi-lingual online help screens, make the operation easy and quick.


SmartSign produces a comprehensive set of reports such as:

  • Logs reports, such as audit log, online log, account history and troubles
  • Static Data reports
  • Inter Branch, Export/Import reports
  • Account Status reports
  • Integration with Banking Applications
  • SmartSign can be easily integrated with any banking application without modifications

The teller just clicks on a hot key at his banking application posting screen to invoke the SmartSign teller program which extracts the account number from the banking application to retrieve and display its related signature data, mandates, and photo.

The teller can immediately check the signatures, photos against the transaction document before proceeding.

When the verification operation is complete the SmartSign screen disappears from the teller’s screen allowing the transaction to proceed.

System Modules

SmartSign has the following three modules

  1. Administrations and scanning operations Module connected to a scanning device
  2. Teller verification module
  3. Departments signatures viewer module, for departments other than tellers

Inter Branch Operations

SmartSign has been designed from the ground to support Multi-branch environment.

The bank may select one of the following methods

  • Each branch has its own SmartSign system, and branches use export/import utility to transfer branch data to the SmartSign central system database
  • Each branch has direct access to the SmartSign central system database, and no databases exist in branches
  • Each branch has its own SmartSign system, and any changes done on the branch database get reflected on SmartSign central system database in online and real time mode


SmartSign has the following utilities:

  • Export/Import utility: used to export or import all branches, or single branch data, including signatures and photos
  • Database backup utility: used to unload the database and store it to a backup device

Open API Interface

  • SmartSign interfaces permits a standard calling mechanism to SmartSign functions.

SmartSign supports the following interfaces:

  • SmartSign is an OLE Server, which provide a standard API interface
  • SmartSign Socket Server, which provide a socket connection
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