SmartFT Fund Transfer

SmartFundTransfer system is designed to automate the operations of fund transfer between banks which could be by order of a bank customer or non customer individual or by order of another counter party institution. The system is designed to register the transfer data like the amount, value date, ordering customer, the beneficiary details and the charge & commissions details. These charge & commissions could be on the ordering customer side or on the beneficiary side.

SmartFundTransfer system supports both outward and inward transfers. The transfer could be done directly to the beneficiary destination or could be forwarded to a correspondent or intermediary institution which has to complete the cycle in a later stage.

SmartFundTransfer uses the details of the transfer to generate the required swift MT103 or MT202 message to the receiver bank and applies all the rules of swift on the generated messages.

You can use SmartFundTransfer system to complete the following tasks:

  • Issue and settle outward customer transfers
  • Issue and settle inward customer transfers
  • Issue and settle outward bank transfers
  • Issue and settle inward bank transfers
  • Generate Swift MT103 & MT202 messages on a text file to be integrated into swift system
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