SironKYC Know Your Customer

SironKYC is a complete end-to-end solution for managing the whole know your customer process. SironKYC comes with a range of predefined investigation workflows but can be customized to reflect the bank‘s current and future KYC/CDD requirements. SironKYC can be used either as a standalone solution or as part of FICO‘s solution framework providing you with the possibility to address future compliance requirements.

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A mature and proven compliance product, FICO Tonbeller’s SironKYC earned two “Best-in-Class” ratings for Initial Due Diligence and Ongoing Monitoring, reflecting the strength and breadth of its set of features to support the entire KYC lifecycle.




Know Your Customer

SironKYC helps or clients better manage risks, reduce costs and to enjoy process effeciencies during customer acceptance and ongoing customer due diligence:

  • Dynamic client KYC questionnaire designer
  • Customer information capturing
  • Flexible risk rating
  • Interfaces to 3rd party applications
  • Integrated PEP screening
  • Sanctions-/watch & black lists scans
  • Record and check beneficial owners
  • Automatic audit trail
  • Dual control
  • Full integration into banks‘ process (web service)
  • Compare initial KYC information with real customer behavior within AML/CTF monitoring/research

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