SmartISB Islamic Core Banking

SmartISB Islamic Core Banking System has been developed in accordance with Sharia’h to guarantee pure Islamic operations. SmartISB provides our Islamic banking customers with Sharia’h compliant products which offer a competitive alternative to the products and services offered by conventional banks. Built on standard technology infrastructure, SmartBankPro works as back-end to SmartISB which allows the addressing of both Islamic banks and conventional banks including international requirements. It allows the flexibility to add Islamic banking services to a branch of choice and eventually converted to Islamic banking branch. B&F Soft is committed to keep its products up to date with the Islamic banking standards by continuing products development, enhancements and support.

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SmartISB Features

Integrated and Modular

B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions is fully integrated with B&F Soft SmartBank Core Banking. SmartISB modular characteristics allow the integration to any other Core Banking system.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions is capable of meeting the organization growth and expansion by providing the capability to process large, medium and small transaction volumes in an efficient manner and guarantee the performance.

Multi Links

B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions supports online links to SWIFT, Email, Signature Verification, SMS Banking and Internet-Banking systems. It also supports online real-time links to market rates captures.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions implements a powerful engine that facilitates the definition of Islamic Banking products easily and efficiently in response to the requirements of the market, according to the bank policies and within the appropriate time frame.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions supports Multi-Branch operations; each branch can operate as a separate accounting entity, and inter branch transactions to be reconciled between branches.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions is real-time transaction processing system. All database updates are done as soon as the transactions approved. This ensures database integrity and up to date positions and balances, which are instantly available for enquiries and reports, allowing online tracking of exposures and reducing risk.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions provides a wide range of Islamic Banking products that covers many Islamic Investment and Finance transactions and assures user satisfaction.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions is Multi-Lingual system; users select their preferred language for screens, reports and messages. Customer preferred language for correspondence can be defined in customer profile and can be different from the system default language.


B&F Soft SmartISB Islamic Banking Solutions has the facility to conduct deals in any currency under the control of the bank credit and finance rules.

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SmartISB Modules

Investment Accounts

Current Accounts
Saving Accounts


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