FICO® Blaze Advisor Decision Rules Management System

FICO® Blaze Advisor is the world's leading decision rules management system, maximizing control over high-volume operational decisions. Blaze Advisor provides companies with a scalable solution that delivers unprecedented agility and actionability for smarter business decisions.

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FICO Blaze Advisor benefits

Make faster, more consistent business decisions

Automation of decision processes minimizes the need for manual reviews and ensures consistency. Blaze Advisor delivers the highest decision processing speeds for any number of rules at any level of complexity. It is 300% faster than competitive engines at the highest level of complexity.

Reduce time to market

Go to market quickly with application development that is 25% faster than conventional methods, and without IT assistance. New applications are developed using a rules language that closely approximates people think about their business, reducing errors or misunderstanding.

Reduce total cost of ownership

With an easy-to-use interface, natural language business rules and open architecture, Blaze Advisor helps you reduce operational costs, including up to 80% of initial costs and 75% of maintenance costs.

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