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Training aims to increase the employees’ abilities and skills to do their jobs perfectly. Training Module is used to develop the career paths in the light of the specified goals, the defined period, and the planned budget.
Training Module is the perfect solution to track and schedule any training activity by fully handling all training details. It tracks and records any kind of training activities with various details and prerequisites.
Training Module covers two areas; the first area is the training administration, which manages training activities from scheduling to evaluation, while the second area concerns with employee’s development, which manages competence development required for his/her current or future job.

Training highlights:

  • Training Module provides a workflow and event management for the entire process of your organization internal and external training. The system expands its services to various types of events including seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Training Module contains a program from which you can design and define unlimited number of courses 
  • Training Module is completely integrated with Personnel Module 
  • enables organizations to estimate the actual cost for each training course 
  • It provides users with so many reports like “annual training plan”, “training course nominees” and “training cost report” and more.
  • Can schedule courses as training events 
  • It updates employees’ competencies according to the acquired skills.