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Time Attendance

Most companies now tend to use time attendance devices to track employees’ check-ins and outs. SparkHRMS is considered the optimum system that integrates with these devices. Time Attendance module can be set to control and manage the most difficult attendance rules like night shifts, divided shifts, or assignment orders. You can easily collect, monitor, manage, and utilize employee’s time. It creates a paperless environment supporting an organization’s need in reporting, reviewing, and managing a critical business resource … employee time.

Time Attendance Highlights:

  • Time Attendance module can deal with the most difficult attendance rules such as night shifts, split shifts, and more. 
  • Can automatically detect holidays and days off. 
  • Users also can apply different hour rates per shift for configuring overtime and short time 
  • Time Attendance module is compatible with most time control devices. It can easily read devices’ database files (ODBC), in case device works with fingerprint, magnet cards, or any similar 
  • technology.
  • Time Attendance module can send overtime results to payroll to affect salaries. 
  • Time Attendance module provides users with very rich reports full of detailed information which can be printed or exported to Word or Excel or Acrobat. 
  • Can add different rules to calculate overtime, lateness, and absence.
  • Register more than one shift within a day.
  • Register time attendance in an easy and simple way and connect it to one employee or a group of employees.