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Recruitment module is one of the most important modules in SparkHRMS. Recruitment means to pick up the qualified person and employ him/her in an appropriate job. Recruitment process includes several stages like analyzing job vacancies then announcing them, receiving job applications, interviewing applicants, setting rules of selection, and at last hiring. Recruitment module helps automating the process from vacancy recognition to applicant evaluation until issuing hiring letters. Moreover, it monitors Recruitment costs starting from advertising to employee or employer’s travel cost.
Recruitment module is considered the best solution for organizations that want to preserve all applicants’ data which might be used at any time.
Recruitment Highlights:

  • Stops any duplications by preserving all applicants data, this data can be displayed if needed in the main system interface
  • Can easily design and compose application forms according to your company’s requirement
  • Any details or comments regarding applicants’ competencies are recorded and transferred to this employee’s record automatically 
  • The system fully manages all recruitment forms and operations through many reports that make users able to check the applicant data, see statistics, display data of waiting lists
  • All applicants’ scanned documents can be recorded for future usage and verification
  • Recruitment module provides users with the ability to assess the candidates in the light of company’s requirements 

SparkHRMS I-Recruitment is a full-cycle, end-to-end recruiting application that uses a self-service interface to give managers, recruiters, and candidates the ability to track every phase of finding, recruiting, hiring, and tracking new employees. SparkHRMS I-Recruitment enables you to:

  • Manage job vacancies, search for candidates, manage the interview process, and extend recruiting functionality to managers. Therefore, you can hire more efficiently.
  • Improve recruiting strategies by measuring the performance and status of hired candidates
  • Simplify the candidate process by using a resume extraction utility to repopulate profiles. You can also maintain profiles, search for and refer jobs to colleagues, and use automated matching functionality to identify “best fit” candidates for a given job or project.
  • Candidates can maintain profiles, search for jobs, refer jobs to colleagues, follow the recruitment process, and more.