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Payroll handles all payroll functions with a complete automation and integration with other SparkHRMS modules. Payroll can be fully customized to perform various aspects according to your company rules. You can add different pay codes, taxation rules, currencies, tax adjustment, compensations, and more. Payroll economizes time and effort used to deal with the most complicated payroll cases. It can handle the requirements of even the most complex organizations – including the multiple posts, multiple pay scales. It provides you with a wide range of built-in reports that make it easy to mange many payroll and
financial aspects.
Payroll Highlights:
  • The ability to define customizable salary items in the light of company rules and requirements. 
  • Payroll is a part of this all-in-one user interface which allows users to easily view, verify and handles all kinds of data within a friendly user interface 
  • Multicurrency is supported by Payroll 
  • Users can add simple or complicated equations to calculate variable salary items like incentives, benefits, or commissions 
  • Payroll grants you the capability to handle more than one pay per month (multiple pays). 
  • You can modify any salary item at any time and make automatic adjustment with retrospective 
  • effect.
  • You can calculate any annual variable at any time like employee profits, or benefits.
  • All salary items modifications details are recorded to be retrieved at any time for revision.
  • Payroll module supports bank operations such as; employees’ bank transfer with the required currencies, 
  • Payroll is fully and automatically integrates with personnel and time attendance operations. 
  • You can easily import and export data from MS Excel® which maximizes productivity 
  • Payroll is designed to process huge numbers of transactions and operations 
  • Payroll provides users with huge number of rich and detailed reports which enable organizations to fully manage all sides 
  • Payroll module manages employees’ loans 
  • Processing salary increase automatically.
  • Approving any payroll operation before execution
  • Providing reports needed by governmental institutions
  • Separate management to generate and post payroll transactions.
  • Able to add cost positions