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Planning is to exactly know your organization requirements within a certain period. SparkHRMS Planning enables organizations to be totally aware of what kind of employees they need and how many of them they want to recruit. With SparkHRMS Planning you can graphically view an employee’s planned career path(s). It helps 

organization make the right decisions regarding required resources based on required skills. SparkHRMS Planning is a very easy tool to assign employees to company projects. It also helps organizations specify the needed training and development decisions for an
employee in his/her current position or the requirements needed for another position.
Planning Highlights:
  • Enables users to easily display the competencies levels of each employee along with the required competencies for each position 
  • The system gives recommended actions regarding competencies in the light of how far it matches the position/job required range of levels. 
  • SparkHRMS Planning enables users to define more than one career path in the light of job and position and specify the sequence of each path 
  • HR users can easily suggest overqualified employees for proposed promotion. 
  • Highlights competencies needed for development and recommending the required training activity for an employee. 
  • The system provides users with reports that help organizations analyze and track employees’ performance and take decisions. Some examples of these reports; planned jobs report.