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Build Company Structure
Building or updating a company organizational structure usually takes too much effort and time, with SparkHRMS this operation is very simple and easy. Any organizational structure consists of levels like sectors, departments, and positions, by using Company
Structure module you can easily create endless number of
hierarchical levels.
System allows modifications on company structure in a simple way and enables users to add, move any level, or rearrange the whole organizational structure then it automatically updates employees data.
(1) Personnel Module
(1.1) Employee Module
Employee records are the foundation of your Human Resources system. The employees’ information you enter can be used to track employees, write letters to them, and print reports about them. The Employee module in SparkHRMS manages and records the whole information of your employees like personal information, contracts, references, qualifications, skills, and salary items. In the Employee module you can define leaves, track balances and leaves requests.
Employee Module Highlights:
  • Full management of all employees and applicants documents.
  • Can produce employees’ passport and residence documents.
  • Each employee has a unique number linked to his or her bank account.
  • Rich employee data screen which enables users to enter all employee data like personal information, job information, contracts, vacation balances, documents, bank accounts numbers, self service codes, qualifications, previous experience, training courses, succession plan, annual reports, competences, training, targets, benefits, provisions, and foreigner information.
  • Integrates with payroll.
  • Detailed reports and administration reports: system contains a big number of reports that provide users and administration with full data and details of any personnel operation.
(1.2) Vacations
The personnel module contains a vacation management program which is responsible for managing and tracking employees’ vacations easily and accurately according to the organization’s policy and country law. SparkHRMS can be fully customized to cope with any policy or law; you can add different vacation types. SparkHRMS automates the whole cycle of vacations; Add Vacation Types, Vacation Requests, Vacation Approvals, Vacation Actions.
Vacations Highlights:
  • Employee can increase, buy or sell balance of the annual leave or any other types of vacations.
  • You can customize an unlimited number of vacation types, in order to cope with your business rules. 
  • SparkHRMS Vacations is fully automated with Self Service and Work Flow 
  • Any taken vacation days like ‘Absence’ or ‘Sick Leave’ are tracked and converted to their equivalent financial payroll transactions which will be automatically posted to payroll based on the Payroll Administrator’s approval. 
  • SparkHRMS provides the possibility to calculate the vacation provisions and generate the transactions automatically 
(1.3) Employee Discipline
The Employee Discipline records the disciplinary actions towards employees due to any violation to their company rules. The system can also track the application of these disciplinary actions even if they are done on several stages.
Users are provided with the capability of defining and customizing discipline list, so that it can match your company rules and regulations. Thus each offense rule can be customized according to the required disciplinary act intended by the Company as a consequence for each committed instance of rules violations.
Employee Discipline Highlights:
  • Define all offenses and their related disciplinary actions
  • Record all Offenses History
  • Integration with Payroll