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To put the estimated budget, you have to collect the required data of how much money needed by an
organization to achieve its goals. SparkHRMS Budget enables organizations to create and design unlimited number of HR budgets and assign each of them to a certain calendar with a specified period. SparkHRMS Budget makes it easier for organizations to record their estimated plans regarding workforce count and their cost in terms of salaries. Also these budgets and plans can be easily compared with the actual ones.

Budget Highlights:

  • Creating unlimited number of calendars makes it easy to set budgets for more than on period
  • You can make a plan within any period of time 
  • You can set the number of times for budgeting per year 
  • Users can define various budget names and specify a currency for each budget
  • SparkHRMS Budget is integrated with MS Excel, so you can import and export data from/to it
  • SparkHRMS Budget has a lot of reports that enable users to track budgets, compare between them, and know everything about workforce count and cost