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Appraisal module has become a must in any HR system of any organization. Appraisal enables organizations to set different strategies of employee performance assessment and reflect real results and statistics that facilitate decision making. It enables an Organization to assess and rate employees professionally and accurately based on user defined appraisal templates. So users can customize unlimited number of appraisal forms to evaluate different managerial levels and different positions. Appraisal module covers all known appraisal methods.
Appraisal highlights:
  • A user can check the details of each appraisal form.
  • Users can compose appraisal templates based on all appraisal approaches 
  • You can design unlimited number of appraisal forms with customizable criteria based on competencies or objectives 
  • SparkHRMS provides a utility for updating employees’ competencies in a batch with the latest levels concluded after appraisal. 
  • Users are able to post or delete multiple appraisal records for a batch of employees. 
  • Appraisal module integrates with Training module