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SironAML - Anti Money Laundering

SironAML Features:

  • Satisfies the legal requirements for combating money laundering and terrorism : Third EU Money Laundering Directive, FATF 40+9, USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, …
  • Protects against damage to reputation and satisfies the ethical requirement of preventing money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Rule editor for efficient and cost-effective adjustment of the individual, risk-based money laundering research strategy
  • Predefined research rules for compliance with the minimum requirements (e.g. FATF 40+9) for combating money laundering
  • Know your customer (KYC) : Ongoing plausibility checks on initial customer information (from the customer acceptance process)
  • Customer-oriented case management for consistent documentation and analysis of money laundering cases
  • Automated workflow for compiling SARs in country-specific format
  • Creation of customer profiles: Transactions which deviate from the customer’s normal behaviour (customer history) are detected by SironAML and marked as suspicious
  • Link analysis for visualization of money laundering networks
  • Fulfillment of the duty to preserve records through audit-proof documentation of all actions, activities and decisions
  • Standardized interfaces to core banking systems

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