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SironKYC - Know Your Customer


  • By using SironKYC, companies minimize potential corruption risks and benefit from competitive advantages.
  • Use the designer to create dynamic customer acceptance questionnaires
  • Specify the beneficial owner
  • Automatically match customer information with sanction, watch, and black lists
  • Integrate third-party providers (e.g. PEP databases)
  • Assess the customer's risk on customer acceptance in real-time
  • Automatically forward customer information to the systems for money laundering and fraud detection
  • Close monitoring of customer acceptance information (ongoing due diligence)
  • Audit-proof history of all actions and decisions
  • Integration with the existing customer acceptance process

SironKYC Highlights at a Glance:

  • Preserves the reputation of both the company and its partners
  • Makes business relations transparent throughout the entire value-added process
  • Secures risk ratings for new and existing business relations
  • Provides a solid decision base for selection and treatment of business partners
  • Complies with due diligence for record keeping and documentation of business partner screening
  • Integrates existing processes and systems, thereby securing the return on earlier IT investments
  • Provides standardized interfaces to sanction and anti-corruption lists that enable fast implementation of the solution
  • Provides a flexible screening rule set (business rules) and questionnaire tool to model corporate screenings and approvals for business partners
  • Provides high efficiency through continual and automatic screening of existing business relations and greatly reduces manual effort

Comprehensive screening features for business partners in SironKYC:

  • Authority information: matching of master data with sanction lists (e.g. EU or OFAC list) or other public lists
  • Queries of commercial watch lists to identify terrorists, criminals, and persons suspected of corruption
  • Matching with internal information: black/white lists and corporate check rules (business rules)
  • An interface to the Orbis database of Bureau van Dijk enables screening of the business partners' beneficial owners
  • Queries of professional databases to comply with enhanced due diligence when monitoring politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Automatic matching with the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for countries
  • Automatic matching with the DAX and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • (SEC) list

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