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SparkHRMS is one of large, comprehensive, efficient, and easy to use Human Resources Management systems, written to help you in developing and evolving the most valuable asset which is the employees of your organization.

Thus, it allows easy management and control of the different kinds of Human Resources with the latest information technology infrastructure. 

SparkHRMS provides organizations with wide coverage of all areas related to Human Resources to be able to manage all HR processes easily and professionally.

B&F Soft believes that achieving personnel excellence should be the vital goal of human resources (HR)—regardless of company size, industry sector, or geography. SparkHRMS is enabling organizations to transform their HR functions from predominantly administrative departments to functions that develop and deliver programs to improve worker efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Consequently, SparkHRMS provides organizations with the most needed features and utilities to be able to manage all HR processes easily and professionally.

SparkHRMS Key Features:

  • SparkHRMS is a web-based system. It uses the default internet browser so it can be connected to the internet or the internal network of an organization.
  • SparkHRMS is easy to be set up and to be maintained as it is set up only one time on the main computer and there’s no need to set up any other programs on other users’ computers except the web-browser.
  • All-in-one modular application.
  • It is possible to connect endless numbers of users at any place.
  • Supports multi-language interface. Arabic, English, and French are supported.
  • Can work with Gregorian or Hijri calendars.
  • Supports multi-company, and multi-branch in one centralized database.
  • Supports multi-currency.
  • Supports auto generation of payroll transactions and employees’ provisions.
  • Can be integrated with any accounting system or core banking system.
  • Supports end of year operations (shift vacations balances, provisions balances).
  • Supports production of documents like passports, residence forms for employees.
  • Can customize business rules for any organization automatically.
  • Document Management for employees and applicants.
  • Providing various built-in Governmental forms within the system.
  • Can connect with time attendance devices automatically.
  • Able to make specific rules using the Algorithm program; for example to make special balance for a certain vacation, calculate provisions, or make a specific salary item.
  • Users are granted validities for all levels.
  • It depends on the most reliable international criteria to secure data.
  • It contains all reports types that cover all levels.
  • Able to export reports contents to Word, Excel, and Adobe.
  • Able to import data from MS EXCEL©.
  • Contains a self service program for any employee or manager and also works from the default internet browser.
  • Ease of use.
  • System installation and training takes the least time ever.
  • It is compatible and integrated with other company (B&F Soft) systems particularly SparkIBS system.

A role-based system
SparkHRMS is a role-based system that includes all the required capabilities to empower organizations to manage all HR functions; such as Personnel (Profile, Change of Status, and Vacation Management, etc), Payroll, Time control Administration, Benefits, Recruitment, Document Management, Training Management, Budget, Planning and more.
Easy to use
The friendly interface of SparkHRMS enables users to easily utilize various system modules. It is only simple clicks and you can get all your needed information and be able to manage and track all HR aspects.
SparkHRMS is always available. It is set up only one time on the main server and can be accessed from anywhere. Organizations are able to maintain and use system at any time and from anywhere. In other words, 24 hours a day, 7 days/week SparkHRMS is available to be opened and utilized. You can also take database backups online.
SparkHRMS is designed to be a fully integrated system. It provides organizations with scalable, extendable, and flexible integration between all HR functions. This integration leads to better management of all HR/Payroll issues for employees starting from hiring until retirement. SparkHRMS covers all your needs and automates your business. It helps you to quickly deal with events whether they are planned or not.
SparkHRMS has supreme integration between each of its modules for example all modules having impact on “Payroll” are integrated. Another example, there is integration between “Appraisal” and “Training” so that you can manage various issues in training. The same integration exists between “Recruitment” and “Document Management” which helps you in taking the right decisions. All parts of the system are designed to work together in harmony so that you can make effective business decisions.
Part of delivering a superior ownership experience is designing applications that will last. SparkHRMS has been built from the ground up as a flexible and adaptable global system, with configurable business rules and logic as well as country-specific localizations. SparkHRMS is now live in 14 countries. It thinks globally and perceives any culture.
SparkHRMS is flexible enough to meet your needs now and adaptable enough to change with your business.
Multilingual System
SparkHRMS is a multilingual system as it supports English, French, and Arabic. Users can work with their preferred language. The phrase table can be edited and self-translated so that organizations can use their own terminologies.
Fully Parameterized Package
SparkHRMS can be fully customized and configured to exactly meet your business needs and requirements. With system codes and parameters you can control all system operations and functions. It is extremely easy for users to customize SparkHRMS even for the most complicated operations; like building company structure, salary items equations, governmental issues, workflow, personnel issues, and security.
SparkHRMS is a compatible system that can work with any business sector and it can manage HR/Payroll activities in sectors like banking, health, oil, governments, telecom, Automotive, Technology, Construction and Real Estate, Retail and Maintenance, Manufacturing, General Business, etc. SparkHRMS grows with your business needs.
SparkHRMS is capable of expanding with the organization growth by providing the capability to deal with the different circumstances involving major changes regarding the company size. SparkHRMS grows with your business. Organizations also can choose what suits with its exact needs, SparkHRMS is a set of modules which can work as stand alone or integrated:

  • Personnel (Employee, Vacations, Discipline)
  • Payroll
  • Time attendance
  • Self service
  • Appraisal 
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Planning
  • Budget 

SparkHRMS can be integrated with other systems and technologies; like core banking systems, accounting systems, time attendance devices, MS Office.
SparkHRMS integrates with External Systems; like SparkHRMS full integration with International ERPs. In addition, SparkHRMS facilitates integration with various time devices’ databases.
SparkHRMS also integrates with Banking Systems to and users can post batches with the proper format.
SparkHRMS is fully compatible with MS Excel, MS Word, and Adobe Reader.
SparkHRMS provides organizations with integrated system-wide administration and security to protect employee information and segregate payroll, personnel and project management data. SparkHRMS enables IT departments to establish audit trails and implement internal control policies as required.
SparkHRMS is highly secured system; through security administration suite the following security issues are comprehensively covered:

  • Users and Operations security: Who may login to the system and what jobs he can do
  • Every action done is registered and you can print audit trials and logs.
  • You can grant a user the accessing for one module or more, and assign a role for him or her.
  • You can enable or disable user from accessing a certain module menu item.
  • You can enable or disable a user from accessing certain employee profile.
  • You can grant different permissions & rights; such as enable or disable adding, changing and deleting employees' records for current, present, and future dates.
  • You can enable or disable each menu function or utility for a certain user.
  • You can enable or disable accessibility per report for a certain user.
  • User menu can be different from branch to another according to the group menu.

Proven Installations in 7 countries
SparkHRMS works now in 7 sites in 7 countries. B&F Soft goal is to keep making our applications easier and less costly to implement, use, manage, and maintain.
Minimized Duration of Implementation and Training
B&F Soft with its wide experience in the business guarantees minimizing the durations of system implementation and training.
SparkHRMS is backed by B&F Soft Experts
All B&F Soft staff has the complementary skills, creativity and broad experience which guarantees the final products could compete internationally. Proving superiority in business, B&F Soft has built up a loyal customer base in Africa and Asia.
We are able to adapt our solutions to support our customers’ unique business strategies, helping them to become more efficient, capture growth opportunities through innovation, improve customer service and comply with regulations. Our software, services and solutions help them automate their business processes and decision-making in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and bring out their institution’s unique characteristics.
End user Reports
SparkHRMS allows the end user to develop any kind of reports using crystal reports writer; these reports become part of the system menu.
Adding More Fields
SparkHRMS allows end user to add more new fields to some specific screens in the system.