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SmartSMS Banking

SmartSMS is a mobile phone inquiry and transaction processing system which utilizes SMS messages feature of the mobile phones.

SmartSMS simulates multiple customer service representatives who answer telephone calls and operate computer terminals to provide account information and process transactions requested by customers. Ordinary mobiles become computer terminals that speak. They put customers in direct contact with their accounts. 

SmartSMS dramatically improves customer service. SmartSMS is even more convenient because service is extended to just about any location. Anywhere there’s a mobile phone.

SmartSMS provides customer with information for:

  • Account Balance
  • Last 3 transactions Enquiry
  • Request This Month Statement by Fax
  • Request Last month Statement by Fax
  • Check book request
  • Change PINNO


  • Tight integration with SmartBankPro Core banking system
  • Uses the normal mobile phone as a banking delivery channel
  • Interfaces with customer of the bank using the mobile phone keypad and allow the customer to receive an SMS message on their mobile Phone
  • Parameterized system, which allows easy configuration and installation
  • Predefined Fax Number
  • Online download from SmartBankPro DB, using secured database connection
  • Fax-on-Demand which allows the customer to receive information on his Fax machine
  • Support English, French and Arabic languages
  • Uses GSM modem with SIM card