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SDS Treasury System

General Features

  • Real-time, multi-currency and multi-branch application for Foreign Exchange, Margin Trading, and Money Market
  • Front, Back Office and Treasury operations including position keeping, risk management, NOSTRO control and accounting
  • Deals and rates entry either automatically captured from Reuters using the optional Reuters link or manually entered
  • Optional link with SWIFT/TELEX system, and automatic reformatting of SWIFT/TELEX messages
  • Full accounting module and optional link with the host computer
  • Portfolio and profit centers across several books
  • Complete security/ administration module that emphasizes the segregation of duties
  • Queues processing enables each user group to have its transactions stacked in queues, and enables the manager to control the work stream

Easy-to-use and Cost-Effective

  • Hardware requirement is just networked PC's
  • State-of-art Graphical User Interface using Client/Server Architecture; the client works under MS Windows, While the server might be any Relational Database Engine such as SYBASE, ORACLE....
  • On-line Help in addition to a lead through messages
  • User-Customized and standard reports could be shown on a screen, printed, or previewed before printing
  • Operational parameter

Deal Entry

  • Once the deal is done using Reuters workstation, it is automatically captured into SmartDeal system and ticket is printed; if the deal is just experimental deal, dealer may mark it as "pseudo", then it has no effect on positions. Otherwise, it is "actual" deal and limits and positions are updated; manual deal entry is also available
  • Deal is automatically routed to the chief dealer if it needs authorization, or to the back office queue for confirmation
  • User could enquire about positions, limits, and other information during data entry


  • Limit currency is user defined and might be different from home currency
  • Automatic limit checking on deal entry
  • Dealer and / group of dealers FX limits: account for FX over night, day-light limits, and MM placing limit
  • Counter-Party and / group of counter-parties FX Spot, Forward, and Capital risk limits, and MM Foreign and local placing limits
  • User defined instruments for each counter-party
  • Country and / group of countries FX and MM placing limits
  • Currency and / group of currencies FX trading, over-night, and daylight limits are kept for each instrument within the currency
  • Limit projection
  • Mark to Market revaluation

Other Features

  • Security and Administration module controls the whole operational environment; any user can do only what is granted to him with complete segregation of duties
  • Various histories are kept for deal to show any changes, for rates to look back, for positions, and for other important information
  • Event log registers any location done since Log-in and Deals Log registers any action that affects the deals
  • Emergency Recovery and fast restart

Positions and Cash flow

  • Real Time Foreign Exchange Currency position for each instrument traded showing the position in the subject currency, base currency and home currency
  • Currency Pairs position instrument wise showing how the currency/instrument position is driven
  • Global currency position tallying all currency/instrument of this currency
  • On-line revaluation using live rates and profit and loss calculation
  • Money Market position and combined Foreign Exchange and Money Market position showing total exposure

Margin Trading

  • An optional integrated module that maintains a special position for margin trading customers
  • Easy way to close the position partially or totally with automatic calculation of margin and profit / loss using the latest market rates as revaluation rate
  • Automatic calculation of stop-loss and cut rates, and warning when the market rate exceeds the stop-loss rate
  • Comprehensive set of reports and enquiries including customer statement

Instrument Supported

Foreign exchange

  • Spot
  • Forward
  • Swap
  • Tom Next
  • Spot Next
  • Overnight
  • Date Option (optional)

Money Market

  • Placements
  • Raising
  • Certificate of deposits
  • FRA (optional)

Treasury Management

  • Position and cash flows are viewed in different levels with profit and loss calculated in real time mode
  • Shadow Nostro accounting that automatically posts to the correspondent account any deals belong to him; meanwhile allows manual posting; so the treasurer may produce on-line Nostro statement of account containing both types

Optional Modules

Reuters Module

  • Deal Capture from reuters workstations such as reuters 2000
  • Rates feed from reuters rate system such as Tri-Arch

Accounting Generation Module.

  • Automatically generates full accounting entries based on double entry concept for each type of transaction
  • Support both Dual and multi-currency accounting methods
  • Support Host communication to send the generated accounting entries directly to the host

Swift/Telex Module

  • Automatically generates Swift/Telex messages such as MT300,MT324, MT202 and all other needed messages
  • Support communication with different types of Swift CBT to send the auto-generated messages to the CBT and to receive any incoming message from it

Reports And Enquires

  • ide range of reports are provided to serve all user levels; dealers, back officers, and managers
  • Reports are shown on the screen in the same format as the printed one