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Core banking System

SmartBankPro is a platform independent, developed using state of the art software development tools, using the object-oriented technology and based on the client/server architecture.

SmartBankPro runs on different Platforms (NT, WIN2000, AS400 and UNIX such as IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, HP UNIX, NCR, DEC, Bull, Motorola, Siemens, etc) and supports major standard RDBMS, such as, Oracle, Informix, IBM DB2, Sybase and SQL server.

SmartBankPro is Integrated, modular, multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-branch banking system, supports any chart of accounts including the French accounting system. SmartBankPro parameters driven modules make a very well controlled implementation process, enable banks to easily adapt the system to the future technology changes and the customer needs.

SmartBankPro Core Modules:

  • Static Data and Parameters
  • Customer’s Information
  • General Ledger
  • Central Bank Reports
  • Retail
  • Teller

SmartBankPro Modules:

  • SmartISB Islamic Banking System
  • SmartTrade Finance
  • SmartDeal System
  • SmartLending
  • SmartINV Investment
  • SmartFund Transfer
  • SmartInternet Banking
  • SmartSMS Banking
  • SmartSign (SSG)
  • Smart Phone Banking(SPB)
  • SmartATM Host Interface

SmartBankPro Features:

Integrated and Modular

SmartBankPro is an integrated banking system, its modular design allows each module to work as a fully integrated module with the core or as a separate standalone application.

International Standards

SmartBankPro design has been built using the international standards (e.g. ISO, SWIFT) particularly the definition of the data fields and data structures.


SmartBankPro is a multi-lingual banking system, users select their preferred language for screens, reports and messages. Customer preferred language for correspondence can be defined in his profile.


  • SmartBankPro supports multi-currency and dual currency accounting systems
  • For multi-currency accounting systems, currency position is automatically maintained
  • Revaluation, month end and year end accounting entries are automatically generated
  • General Ledger reports e.g. balance sheet, profit and loss, and trial balance are generated in subject currency and translated to the local currency
  • SmartBankPro supports any chart of account including the French standard accounting system


SmartBankPro supports multi-branch operations, each branch may operate as a separate accounting entity, and inter-branch transactions are automatically reconciled between branches. SmartBankPro supports branch network using different or same hardware and either shared database or different databases.              


SmartBankPro supports consolidated bank-wise reporting, which represents the overall position of the bank. Wide range of reports is produced.


SmartBankPro is real-time transaction processing system. All database updates are done as soon as the transactions are approved. This ensures database integrity and up to date positions and balances, which are instantly available for enquiries and reports, allowing online tracking of exposures and reducing risk.

Risk Management

  • SmartBankPro has online real-time limits control
  • The bank can monitor the exposure for currency, group of currencies, customers, group of customers...etc


SmartBankPro is a highly secured system. Through the security administration suite, the following security issues are comprehensively covered:

  • Users and Operations Security: Who may log into the system and what jobs he can do
  • Accounts Information Security: Only users authorized to access a specific account, can see its information
  • Transaction Positing Security: transaction is not accepted unless it is verified twice (A Signatory, B Signatory), in a specific conditions the transaction is sent for authorization
  • Over Draft Limit (Authorization amount) can be defined for each authorizer
  • Every action done is registered and printed in audit trails and logs


SmartBankPro allows the bank to define its own business requirements by tailoring the system using hundreds of parameters, which can change the system behavior according to the bank needs.


SmartBankPro supports transaction queues, which allow the maximum efficiency and easy transaction workflow throughout the departments of the bank.

Form and Batch Posting

SmartBankPro supports form-based and free batch posting. The form-based posting assures the maximum correctness of the accounting entries.

Ease of Use

SmartBankPro is based on windows graphical user interface (GUI), which allows the end user to be familiar with SmartBankPro quickly and reduces implementation time.

  • Supports multiple windows technique
  • Drop down windows to select pre-defined static data and codes
  • Context sensitive help in the user preferred language
  • Extensive information and error messages are displayed in message boxes
  • Clear and comprehensive screens and reports


SmartBankPro documentation contains hundreds of clean and comprehensive pages of text, supplied in printed form and as on-line help text to be displayed whenever required from within the system.


SmartBankPro supports online links to SWIFT, Telex, FAX and Email and Internet. It also supports online real-time links to market rates and deal captures.

More Features

  • Automatic generation of accounting entries
  • Automatic generation of position entries
  • Online printing of ticket and advice
  • Report writer to generate new reports
  • Integrated Signature Verification System
  • Integrated Trade Finance System
  • Integrated Dealing Room System
  • Integrated Fund Transfer System
  • Easy Integration with other systems
  • Screens and reports can be customized according to the bank requirements

SmartBankPro Core Modules (SBK)

Static Data and Parameters

Static Data tables keep all the central information and parameters to be used by all modules, one of the major steps in the implementation is to customize these static data tables and parameters to meet the bank requirements.

Customer’s Information

SmartBankPro keeps all the details of customer’s information in a set of tables, e.g. customer and bank tables, tightly integrated with SmartSign (SSG) system for customer’s signature and photo management.

General Ledger

SmartBankPro user definable chart of account allows the bank to have the full control over the definition of the general ledger accounts behavior and nature, including the control accounts for other modules.

SmartBankPro multi-currency general ledger provides comprehensive accounting techniques and functions as well as a wide range of reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance reports for each currency, allowing the bank to produce its financial statements translated to local currency, in accordance with the bank policy.

General Ledger Functions:

  • General Ledger application accepts the auto-generated entries from other applications, and directs posting to General Ledger accounts such as income and expense
  • Foreign currency revaluation and automatic adjustments of accounts
  • Consolidated reports are created from General Ledger application
  • Month end and year end automatic closing
  • Budget forecasting and comparative financial reports
  • Interest accrual and capitalization
  • Value dating

Central Bank Reports

This is an integrated module with General Ledger module, to facilitate the generation of the central bank reports. SmartBankPro has a flexible technique for the definition and generation of the central bank reports including localization requirements.


The Retail module is a fully integrated module with SmartBankPro core module and provides a wide coverage of retail banking services including:

  • Current Accounts (DDA)
  • Call Accounts
  • Nostro and Vostro
  • Saving and Passbooks
  • Customer Deposits
  • Inter-bank Deposits
  • Loans and Bills Discounted
  • Liabilities (Import/Export L/C, L/G, Shipping Guarantee, and Cash Margin)
  • Clean, Documentary Collection and Clearing
  • Other Applications


This is an integrated module with the SmartBankPro core module, and supports Till management, transaction processing, passbook and online customer signature and photo verification.

SmartBankPro Optional Modules

SmartTrade Finance(STF)

B&F Soft SmartTrade Finance focuses on the trade finance services applying a high automation and administrative control over every aspect of trade finance operations, to relief the bank staff from doing unnecessary and repeatedly activities and let them to concentrate on their trade finance business.

SmartTrade Finance Covers:

  • Import Letter of Credit
  • Export Letter of Credit
  • Guarantees
  • Import and Export Collections
  • Automatic Commissions/Charges and Liabilities Calculations
  • Interfaces to SWIFT/Telex/FAX/Email
  • Limit Monitoring
  • Extensive inquiries and reporting facilities
  • Integrated with SmartArchive (SAR) for document scanning and retrieval

SmartDeal System (SDS)

B&F Soft SmartDeal is the front office dealing system available to provide a comprehensive support of treasury operations such as:

  • FX
  • Money Market
  • Margin Trading
  • Securities
  • Interfaces to SWIFT/Telex/FAX/Email
  • Limit Monitoring
  • Extensive inquiries and reporting facilities

SmartDeal has online real-time deal capture and rate interface, and provides the dealer with online limits exposure information for counterparty, group of counterparties, currency, group of currencies, country, trade area, dealer or group of dealers.

Real-time FX currency position for each instrument or currency pairs traded, showing the position in the subject currency, base currency and local currency.

Online revaluation using live market rates and profit and loss calculation.

Deals captured by the front office can be automatically posted to SmartBankPro back office system for accounting generation and settlement purposes.

SmartPhone Banking (SPB)

B&F Soft SmartPhone Banking System provides the bank’s customers with a wide range of banking services such as account balance inquiry using normal touch-tone phone, it also allows more services to be added upon the bank requirements e.g. bills payment, check book request, etc.

Unique encrypted PIN number generated by the bank and changeable by the customer secures the system against unauthorized access.

Comprehensive logging and auditing tools are provided to record every event such as calls log, service log, line status and audit log.

SmartSMS Banking

SmartSMS is a mobile phone inquiry and transaction processing system which utilizes SMS messages feature of the mobile phones.

SmartSMS simulates multiple customer service representatives who answer telephone calls and operate computer terminals to provide account information and process transactions requested by customers. Ordinary mobiles become computer terminals that speak. They put customers in direct contact with their accounts. 

SmartSMS dramatically improves customer service. SmartSMS is even more convenient because service is extended to just about any location. Anywhere there’s a mobile phone.

SmartSMS provides customer with information for:

  • Account Balance
  • Last 3 transactions Enquiry
  • Request This Month Statement by Fax
  • Request Last month Statement by Fax
  • Check book request
  • Change PINNO

SmartSMS Features:

  • Tight integration with SmartBankPro Core banking system
  • Uses the normal mobile phone as a banking delivery channel
  • Interfaces with customer of the bank using the mobile phone keypad and allow the customer to receive an SMS message on their mobile Phone
  • Parameterized system, which allows easy configuration and installation
  • Predefined Fax Number
  • Online download from SmartBankPro DB, using secured database connection
  • Fax-on-Demand which allows the customer to receive information on his Fax machine
  • Support English, French and Arabic languages
  • Uses GSM modem with SIM card

SmartSign (SSG)

B&F Soft SmartSign is a Signature Storage and Retrieval System, it is tightly integrated with SmartBankPro, provides the bank with professional, and it is the secured and efficient way of handling customers signatures and photos.


  • Integrated with SmartBankPro
  • Security control to define allowed users who will scan signatures, verify accounts or work as tellers
  • Highly sophisticated compression/decompression algorithm
  • Flexible account tree hierarchy to support both simple and complex accounts e.g. correspondents account
  • Separate set of tables to handle signatures and mandates changes and scanning operations
  • Support one or two verifiers
  • Support bank’s internal signatures verification
  • Export and Import utilities