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SmartBankPro Solutions

SmartBankPro effectively gives the power to the financial institutions to run their businesses in real time mode, ensuring the availability of information on a real time basis.

It enables the financial institutions to supply their customers with new innovative financing and investment products.

It is reliable as it increases operational efficiency, minimizes risk and complies with regulations.

SmartBankPro Features:

  • SmartBankPro is a fully integrated, on-line real time core banking software package.
  • Supports multi-currency accounting methods.
  • Fully parameterized package
  • Multi Lingual package
  • Based on transaction processing, these transactions consist of both manually and automatically generated transactions.
  • Support transaction routing techniques and queues processing
  • Security and Administration modules control the entire operational environment, allowing end users to access only those sections of the system that their individual profiles permit, via pre-defined authorizations. This ensures the separation of duties.
  • SmartBankPro is delivered with many reports. All reports can be printed in hard copies or directed to the screen for instant on-line viewing.
  • Various histories and event-logs are retained within the system automatically, such as Transaction Histories, Audit Trail Reports and System Events Log. These can be viewed online or directed to a printer.
  • Online queries against transactions can be performed instantly at end-users request. As SmartBankPro handles transaction posting in "Real Time" as opposed to "Batch Processing" of data, the results of any online queries will always reflect the true and accurate balance of an account at the time of the inquiry.