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SironFATCA - FATCA Compliance

SironFATCA Features

  • Comply with statutory FATCA regulations for categorization of new and existing customers, documentation, and reporting to U.S. and national tax authorities
  • Integrated check rules for IRS scenarios, and check rule editor
  • Intelligent analysis methods to categorize natural and legal persons (FATCA-relevant, non-FATCA relevant) and to detect changes in the customer's environment (Change of Circumstances)
  • Interfaces to the Bureau van Dijk database for automated integration of the beneficial owners (for legal entities) with the FATCA check
  • Case management to process FATCA cases: data supply for customer advisors, document tracking, escalation, FATCA status management (FATCA-relevant, non-FATCA relevant, recalcitrant)
  • Interface to third-party systems, e.g. for transfer of data to the core banking system
  • Reporting to the IRS and national authorities in accordance with the provisions on data protection
  • Integration of SironFATCA with AML and KYC systems for fast and cost-effective implementation of FATCA requirements

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