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SparkHRMS Highlights

SparkHRMS is a Comprehensive Human Resources Management system automating all Human Resource functions and provides organizations with wide coverage of all areas related to Human Resources to be able to manage all HR processes easily and professionally. With implementation in so many countries, SparkHRMS proves its stability, flexibility, and ease of use. SparkHRMS can be delivered on site or on cloud; on cloud saves the time and effort needed for implementation and installation. SparkHRMS supports multi-language user interface (Arabic, English, and French).

SparkHRMS Modules:

Core Modules

Advanced modules

  • Personnel module
    • Employees Records
    • Vacations, terminations, secondment, penalties.
    • Employees’ requests (vacations, loans .etc)
  • Payroll
  • Time Attendance
  • Self-service
  •  Appraisal
  • Recruitment
  • E-Recruitment
  • Training
  • Planning

SparkHRMS Key Highlights:

  • A web-based system
  • Supports MS SQL server and oracle database using Microsoft application server
  • Delivered on site or on cloud
  • All-in-one modular application
  • Easy integration with any accounting system or core banking system
  • Embedded work flow engine
  • Supports built-in reports and enquiries
  •  Customizable business rules
  • Staff requests workflow which allows dynamic approval structure
  • Easily import and export data from MS Excel®
  • Supports multi-language user interface
  • Supports multi-company, and multi-branch in one centralized database
  • Supports multi-currency accounting entries generation

SparkHRMS Core Modules Features:

Personnel Module Highlights

  • Full management of all employees’ documents.
  • Rich employee data screen which enables users to enter all employee data.
  •  Full cycle of vacation management and Integrates with Time Attendance and Payroll modules 
  • Full cycle of employees’ terminations, moves, secondment, penalties

 Payroll Module Highlights

  • Customizable salary items  based on formula or user program
  • Simple or complicated equations to calculate variable salary items
  • Handles more than one pay per month (multiple pays)
  • Automatic salary items adjustment with retrospective effect
  •  Calculates any annual variable
  • Generates and posts all  types of GL batches
  • Fully and automatically integrates with personnel and time attendance operations
  • Manages employees’ loans
  • Processing salary increase automatically
  • Annual adjustment for taxes and insurance

Time Attendance Highlights

  • Deals with the most difficult attendance rules such as free and fixed working time
  • Automatically detects holidays and days off
  • Compatible with most time attendance machines
  • Imports and exports TA data from time attendance machines
  • Affects payroll with time attendance results after approval
  •  Customizes different rules to calculate overtime, lateness, time compensation and absence
  • Supports different calendars for different groups of employees
  • Manages all actions like permissions, missions, break time, assign orders, cheking in/out during working time, and leave requests.

Self service:

For Employees:

For Managers:

  • Can make all kind of requests (vacations – loan – mission – etc..)
  • Can show different reports like payroll report, time attendance sheet or vacation
  • Manage his/her appraisals, objectives
  • Monitor all system notifications
  •  Approve employees’  requests
  • Manage employees’ training
  • Manage employees’ appraisals

Appraisal Highlights

  • Users can check the details of each appraisal form
  • Users can compose appraisal templates based on all appraisal approaches
  • Supports all appraisal approaches
  • Integrates  with Training module
  • Updates employees’ competencies, employees’ profiles, and appraisal history
  •  Auto generation of appraisal forms based on employee job, position, or department
  • Each manager can align strategic objective to him/her and define his/her personal objectives
  • Contains objective library in which you can define unlimited number of objectives
  • Each employee can align manager objectives and define his/her personal objectives

 Recruitment Highlights

  •  Ranks candidates against vacancies by using competency matching and preferences
  • Manages short lists for applicants (consider list – recommended list -interview list – accepted list - rejected list)
  • Manages offers
  •  Manages applicants communications (topic – emails – phone calls - notifications)
  • Ranks applicants after interviews and assessments
  • Stops any duplications by preserving all applicants data

E-Recruitment Highlights

  •  E-Recruitment helps to:
  • Reduce paper work
  • Improve the efficiency of the recruitment cycle
  • Shorten the recruitment cycle
  •  Easily identify candidates to the recruitment needs
  • Personalize user interface to the needs of the custom business process

Training Highlights

  •  Training Module contains a program from which you can design and define unlimited number of courses
  • Training Module is completely integrated with Personnel Module
  • enables organizations to estimate the actual cost for each training course
  •  It provides users with so many reports like “annual training plan”, “training course nominees” and “training cost report” and more.
  • Can schedule courses as training events
  • It updates employees’ competencies according to the acquired skills.

Planning Highlights

  • Competency Management
  • Objectives Management
  • Career Path & Position Hierarchy
  •  Succession Planning
  • Workforce planning


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