SmartBankPro Core Banking System

SmartBankPro effectively gives the power to the financial institutions to run their businesses in real time mode, ensuring the availability of information on a real time basis. It enables the financial institutions to supply their customers with new innovative financing and investment products. It is reliable as it increases operational efficiency, minimizes risk and complies with regulations.

SmartBankPro is a core banking system which provides retail and commercial banking capabilities and helps improve understanding of customer needs and business metrics.

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SmartBankPro Features

  • SmartBankPro is a fully integrated, on-line real time core banking software package.
  • Fully parameterized package
  • Multi Lingual package
  • Based on transaction processing, these transactions consist of both manually and automatically generated transactions.
  • Support transaction routing techniques and queues processing
  • Various histories and event-logs are retained within the system automatically, such as Transaction Histories, Audit Trail Reports and System Events Log. These can be viewed online or directed to a printer.
  • Supports multi-currency accounting methods.
  • Security and Administration modules control the entire operational environment, allowing end users to access only those sections of the system that their individual profiles permit, via pre-defined authorizations. This ensures the separation of duties.
  • SmartBankPro is delivered with many reports. All reports can be printed in hard copies or directed to the screen for instant on-line viewing.
  • Online queries against transactions can be performed instantly at end-users request. As SmartBankPro handles transaction posting in ``Real Time`` as opposed to ``Batch Processing`` of data, the results of any online queries will always reflect the true and accurate balance of an account at the time of the inquiry.

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SmartBankPro Modules

SmartTrade Finance

SmartTrade is an advanced, on-line, real time and integrated trade finance system, which handles the bank’s entire range of trade finance transactions according to ICC regulations.

  • Transaction log histories
  • Audit trail reports
  • System events log
  • Queues Status display for general control


SmartLending supports all types of banking loan functions, including credit line control, limits exposure and all the various types of loans. Product categories include the following:

  • Commercial and customer loans
  • Personal loans
  • Syndicated loans
  • Mortgage loans

SmartFT Fund Transfer

SmartFundTransfer supports outward and inward transfers. Transfers could be done directly to the beneficiary destination or could be forwarded to a correspondent or intermediary institution which has to complete the cycle in a later stage.

  • Issue and settle outward customer transfers
  • Issue and settle inward customer transfers
  • Issue and settle outward bank transfers
  • Issue and settle inward bank transfers
  • Generate Swift MT103 & MT202 messages


SmartATM Service Interface System processes all the transactions generated by the certified ATM switch by validating each request against SmartBankPro Core Banking System database and either rejects or authorizes these transactions.

  • Inter-branch accounting
  • IBM MQ Series interface (optional)
  • Flat files interface (Optional)
  • Names Pipes Interface (Optional)
  • Comprehensive logs of every transactions


SmartSMS is a mobile phone inquiry and transaction processing system which utilizes SMS messages feature of the mobile phones. SmartSMS dramatically improves customer service. SmartSMS is even more convenient because service is extended to just about any location. Anywhere there’s a mobile phone. SmartSMS provides customer with information for:

  • Account Balance
  • Last 3 transactions Enquiry
  • Request This Month Statement by Fax
  • Request Last month Statement by Fax
  • Check book request
  • Change PINNO

SmartIB Internet Banking System

The SmartIB Internet banking system offers the private and corporate banking clients an easy and state of the art Internet banking system to execute a comprehensive set of banking activities ranging from balance inquiry to funds transfers between the same client’s accounts. The system allows the following Functions by default:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Last Three transactions
  • Account statement Printing
  • Transfer of Funds between accounts
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Exchange Rate Display.


SmartSign replaces your existing signature card with an electronic equivalent providing a complete system to electronically process account mandate and image information in a secure, rapid, and accurate manner.

  • Any number of scanned workstations can work at the same time
  • Can work with any banking application
  • Allow multi branch operations
  • Secure
  • Full audit trails maintained

SmartBankPro Core Banking System

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