What is

BFSOFT Transliteration Engine?

BFSOFT Transliteration Engine is used to automatically transliterate any Arabic proper name to English name using various techniques to identify the Arabic name vocalization.
The engine contains a detailed rules derived from Arabic Grammar and linguistics of how words are composed, the system understands how to get the word root using (SeparatorDictionary.bin) then matches it with its right (morpheme) (وزن صرفى). This feature supports all proper names in all Arab countries, Egypt -al Jazira Alarabia, Gulf countries – and North Africa (Libya- Tunisia – Algeria – Morocco)

Transliteration Engine


  • Automatically transliterates any Arabic proper name to English name
  • Based on rules derived from Arabic Grammar and linguistics
  • Transliterates both vocalized and un-vocalized versions of the Arabic names
  • Identifies non spaced Arabic names
  • Deals with the different variants of an Arabic name
  • Customized the transliteration by providing userDict.txt dictionary file
  • Uses different techniques, rules and dictionaries to cover all Arabic names: Post Rules Dictionary (PostRules.bin), Separator Dictionary (Separators.bin), Tashkil Dictionary (TashkilDict.bin), User Dictionary (UserDict.bin), Exception dictionary (Exceptiondictionary.bin)
  • General webservice API embedding BFTRANS functionality for backend and system integrations
  • Used for online transliteration of Arabic names to English for screening against English watchlists like OFAC, EU, UN … etc
  • Can be used for any transliteration purpose from Arabic to English proper name
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