Finalize HDB Project

B&F Soft successfully deployed SironEmbargo, and SironKYC to Housing and Development Bank since one year and half, systems are run on windows with Tomcat application server and MSSQL RDBMS.  

CIB SironEmb/KYC

B&F Soft deployed SironEmbargo and SironKYC in CIB, SironEmbargo went live on Nov 2017 with parallel processes screening 13,000 swift messages per day. SironKYC will handle 100,000 checks per day. It contains online search, web service interface and overnight screening for CIB customer base.

Digital Nation Fair 2018

B&F Soft participated in Digital Nation Fair 2018 organized by CIT. Eng. Yasser Elqadi, Minister of Communications, visited B&F Soft booth.

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